Revision of the Unitary Theory of the World # 2 published on Oct 10th 2014

10/10/2014 11:48
see the section "Products"

New "product" added on June 19th 2014!

19/06/2014 11:58
New "product" titled  "The Value of the Gravitational Force Quantum is 1.4958 x 10-54 N" has been added on June 19th 2014! See the Section "Products".

Refinement of the Examples #4 and #5 of the UTW Implication

14/08/2013 12:36
Refinements of the Example #4 "Creating Theories" and of the Example #5 "Creating Music" were published today on in the section Products. The purpose of it was to make the examples more understandable. Tomas Kala     

Website launched

16/07/2013 10:39
Our new website has been launched today. The UTW main Conclusion: The World, we live in, is not only three-, or four-, or more dimensional, but infinitely dimensional, and it is expanding unceasingly in its dimensions, contingencies, new entities, etc.   Why I have created these...
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