Website launched

16/07/2013 10:39

Our new website has been launched today.

The UTW main Conclusion: The World, we live in, is not only three-, or four-, or more dimensional, but infinitely dimensional, and it is expanding unceasingly in its dimensions, contingencies, new entities, etc.


Why I have created these sites?

  • Because I have found the explanation given in the Unitary Theory of the World on the main features of the World satisfying for myself. I think, it might be interesting and useful for other people, too.
  • I am aware of a specific character of the UTW. An understanding and application of the theory demands some effort to study another disciplines than it is usual in a “classical” study of philosophy.
  • I am also aware of the fact that a specific character of my theory does not comply too much with generally accepted paradigms, topics, and understanding of contemporary philosophy to be spread by a “classical” way, i.e. via printed scientific journals and magazines quickly, or at all, respectively.
  • I think the electronic form of publication of new ideas, which need to be discussed, disputed, corrected, and improved, is a better way than classical one via printed matters.
  • I hope, that new generations of and scholars, academicians, philosophers and other educated people will understand, accept and use the theory, which is – I believe – also fully compatible with exigencies  of a new “digital” era of mankind.  
  • I would like to provoke discussions on pros and cons, improvement, applicability, etc. of the Unitary Theory of the World.