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I was astounded watching the Milky Way one day in my youth. Later on, I minded a living surrounding at my birth place. I was fascinated by nature, by people, by immense amount of phenomena, events, facts, etc.  And, I started to strive to learn and to make sense of what is going on the world – probably as everyone else does.

In spring 1998, I outlined the first sketch of my own theory of the World and I started to test, verified, and improved it systematically in confrontation with knowledge on philosophy, science, technology, engineering, other human activities, life experience, etc.

I self-published my ideas in the book “The Unitary Theory of the World, Part I: General Principles” in 2008.  (at Trafford Publishing, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-4251-7553-5, accessible also at Amazon.com). 

I introduced the theory officially at the 4th International Conference on Philosophy, 1-4 June 2009, Athens, Greece.   

I tested the applicability of the theory at several philosophical conferences on Systems Engineering at the University of Hradec Kralove and University of Pardubice.

Now, I have decided to publish the Unitary Theory of the World (for short  UTW) on the internet.


Why I have created these sites?

  • Because I have found the explanation given in the Unitary Theory of the World on the main features of the World satisfying for myself. I think, it might be interesting and useful for other people, too.
  • I am aware of a specific character of the UTW. An understanding and application of the theory demands some effort to study another disciplines than it is usual in a “classical” study of philosophy.
  • I am also aware of the fact that a specific character of my theory does not comply too much with generally accepted paradigms, topics, and understanding of contemporary philosophy to be spread by a “classical” way, i.e. via printed scientific journals and magazines quickly, or at all, respectively.
  • I think the electronic form of publication of new ideas, which need to be discussed, disputed, corrected, and improved, is a better way than classical one via printed matters.
  • I hope, that new generations of scholars, academicians, philosophers and other educated people will understand, accept and use the theory, which is – I believe – also fully compatible with exigencies  of a new “digital” era of mankind.  
  • I would like to provoke discussions on pros and cons, improvement, applicability, etc. of the Unitary Theory of the World.

The General Principles of the Unitary Theory of the World and related topics are introduced in the section  "ESSAYS".


What it the Unitary Theory of the World?

Much effort has been done to comprehend the basic principles and rules which govern the existence and the development of the World. Physicists set themselves a goal of creation a Theory of Everything. Their approach to the description of the World is based on the categories such as Time, Space, Mass, Energy, Radiation, Particles, Electromagnetic Forces, Gravitation, etc. However, the World do not represent only these physical objects, formations and phenomena, but also Living Organisms, Live, Flora, Fauna, Human Beings, Human Society, Humankind with its Culture, Arts, Aesthetic, Feelings, Science, etc.

That is why I have suggested following categories for description of the origin and development of the World in all of its features and processes: Laws of Nature, Potential to exist of Physical World in the “State” of Singularity, Communications/Relations/ Interactions, Forces, Real Physical World, with its observable quantities: Time, Space, Energy and/or Mass, Direction, Information, Intellect, Potential, and Contingency. These individual basic quantities are being „present“ or are „acting“ in individual elements, parts, processes, ....of the Objective Reality as multiples of their elementary quanta. The individual basic quantities, elements, parts, processes, .. Ei of the Objective Reality exist in mutual interactions, which cause changes, transformations and/or motions/changes - including appearance or disappearance- of the individual basic quantities of the Objective Reality as a whole, respectively.

The suggested concept and also notation enables to describe (or to express or to „absorb“) all of the known quantities, characteristics, phenomena, elements, parts, processes, laws, behavior etc. of the Objective Reality on the basis of positivistic knowledge and experience, and verified theories.


The Unitary Theory of the World states that the real World, we live in, is not only three-, or four-, or more dimensional, but infinitely dimensional, and it is expanding unceasingly in its dimensions, contingencies, new entities, etc., which also „belongs“ into a scientific/philosophical description of the World.


(For more details, see the Section "ESSAYS") 


Who am I?

I have studied chemistry, reaching  Ing. and CSc. degrees in material sciences at the University of Pardubice,  DrSc degree in material science at the Charles University, Prague, 1986, and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree at the Newport University, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2001. I had got more than 20 year practice in material research and some 17 year practice in top managerial positions before he entered the University of Hradec Kralove. Contemporary, I am a lecturer and scientist at the University of Hradec Kralove, the Czech Republic, focused on Management and Marketing for more than 15 years. I am an author and co-author of some 10 books, and more than 60 articles in scientific journals.  I have published also more than 10 contributions of the philosophical topics (see list of published works).

I like philosophy, languages, travelling, photography, music, ... . I am a member of a Toasmasters International Club (ACG, ALB).

Tomas Kala

Pardubice, July 17th 2013      

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