Revision of the Unitary Theory of the World # 2


While wording the original Unitary theory of the World there were revealed some inconsistencies in description of basic knowledge and definitions of fundamental categories, such as energy, fields, mass/matter, gravitation, electric, magnetic, electromagnetic phenomena and others[1].

In the “style” of the UTW, the status might be improved by reconsideration of the interrelation among the energy (EE), mass/matter (EM), and field (EF), respectively.

Namely, the interrelation should be expressed – respecting the basic positivistic knowledge and definitions of energy, mass/matter and field in physics - as follows:

ELNM Ù (ES Ú ET Ú EE Ú ED Ú EI Ù ER) Ù EP Ù EC Ú E1Ú E2 Ú E3 Ú..Ei-1 Ú Ei Ú Ei+1Ú ..├ EM

ELNF Ù (ES Ú ET Ú EE Ú ED Ú EI Ù ER) Ù EP Ù EC Ú E1Ú E2 Ú E3 Ú..Ei-1 Ú Ei Ú Ei+1Ú ..├ EF

(Note: the meaning of individual symbols E is given below.)

That means: mass/matter and fields could be understood as a forms of energy, which are specifically “structured”, widespread and/or “locked in space” under specific laws of nature ELNM or ELNF, respectively, and which are being in specific interactions with the other principal categories and individual/specific elements, parts, processes, etc. of the Objective Reality (although hitherto unknown in all details).

This could acquire/give specific features, like: inertia, gravitation, ability to change/modify fields, space-time structures and dimensions, particle structure, electric charges, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic properties and phenomena, attractive and repulsive forces, mechanical properties of matter, storing and conversions of energy, and phenomena which are intrinsic to all the physical, inorganic, organic, living, thinking etc. objects and/or phenomena in Nature and World.   

The postulated “locked-space” principle of mass particles existence might elucidate naturally the observed deformation of a space-time structure around mass objects and the phenomenon of gravitation, too. 

It all might help to reveal further consequences to better understanding of our World.

That is why I decided to leave out the matter (EM) from the principal categories of the Unitary Theory of the World and to revise the Theory as follows:          

The Basic Axioms of the Theory

The concept introduces seven basic axioms of the Unitary Theory of the World and explanation of their function in the creation and development of all entities and features of our World as follows:

§ 1.      There had existed four principal categories of the Objective Reality (OR) before our Universe/World (denoted thereinafter as EW) begun:

-           Laws of Nature (in the sense of “Lex Naturalis”), denoted further as ELN,

-           Potential of our “Real” World (EPPW) to exist (but not yet in existence) in the “state” of singularity, 

            -           Contingency (EC), and

-           Communications/relations/interactions (expressed via Ù, Ú, and ├ logical symbols).

§ 2.      At the beginning of our Universe/World:  Contingently, the Potential to exist of the Physical World started to communicate with the Laws of Nature and thus changed or transformed itself into the Forces (EF), which gave origin to the Real Physical World (ERPW), with its observable quantities: Time (ET), Space (ES), Energy (EE), Direction (ED), Information (EI), Intellect (ER), Potential to exist (EP), and Contingency (EC). 

It can be noted down using notation of the formal logics as follows:

ELN Ù EPPW Ù EC      ELN  Ù EF Ù EC,                                                                     (1)

ELN  Ù EF Ù EC  ELN Ù (ET Ú ES Ú EE Ú  ED Ú EI Ù ER) Ù EP Ù EC,  resp.              (2)

The symbols “Ù”, “Ú”, and “├“, are for a logical “and”, “or”, and “it can be derived from“, respectively[2]. They express communication, interactions or relations among the individual quantities and laws.       

Note 1: An inherently indicated sequence of individual quantities in relations (1), (2)            and others, has not to be understood as a time consequence, since there was no Time at this stage of the beginning of the World.

§ 3.      These individual basic quantities are being „present“ or are „acting“ in individual elements, parts, processes, ....of the Objective Reality as multiples of their elementary            quanta.

Note 2: At the time being, the following values of the basic elementary quanta are known (CODATA (2014)[3], for: 

            Time (Planck’s Time):    5.39106(32) x10-44 s,

            Space (Plank’s Length): 1.616199(97) x10-35 m

            Energy (Hartree):           4.35974434(19) x10-18 J

            Others can be understood as follows:

            Direction:                        +/-, or up/down, or forward/backward, etc., respectively;

            Information:                    bit

            Intellect:                          the individual Laws of Nature inherent/obtained in the                                                       specific elements/processes of the Objective Reality;

            Potential to exist:           probability <0;1>

Contingency:                 arbitrary act in development of the World.

§ 4.      The individual basic quantities, elements, parts, processes, .... Ei of the Objective Reality (OR) exist in mutual interactions.

These interactions cause changes, transformations and/or motions (including appearance or disappearance) of the individual basic quantities ES, ET, EE, ED, EI, ER, EP, EC, and elements, parts, processes, .... Ei  of the Objective Reality as a whole,            respectively.


These interactions can be noted down as follows:

ELN Ù (ESÚETÚEEÚEDÚEIÙER) Ù EPÙ EC Ú E1 Ú E2 Ú E3 Ú .. Ei-1Ú Ei+1Ú ... ├  Ei           (3)[4],


ELN Ù (ESÚETÚEEÚEDÚEIÙER) Ù EP Ù EC Ú E1Ú E2 Ú E3 Ú..Ei-1 Ú Ei Ú Ei+1Ú ..├ OR    (4),


where E1, E2, E3, ... Ei    are symbols for individual/specific elements, parts, processes, etc. of the Objective Reality  (OR).

In other words, the elements, parts, processes, phenomena, etc. of the Objective Reality can be expressed, or composed, or derived, or characterized by means of the above mentioned basic quantities, as “a result” of all mutual interactions of existing elements and processes. 

§ 5.      Transformations or  motions of the elements, parts, processes, ... Ei of  the         Objective Reality are govern by „grammar“ or „syntax“ rules which are usually   known or understand as the Laws of Nature (ELN).               

These rules are inherent in elements, parts, facts, features, attributes, .... Ei  of the Objective Reality, too.

They are „applied“ or “realized” via EI, ER, ED quantities, i.e. they can be expressed by means of the elementary quanta of information EI, intellect ER, and direction ED.

§ 6.      The interactions among the elements, parts, processes, .... of the Objective Reality do not change always/necessarily each of the characteristic dimensions, or values, or quantities, etc. of elements, parts, processes, .... Ei of the Objective Reality considerably or at all.

That is why these interactions can repeatedly result in relatively stable forms of individual subjects (elements, parts, processes, ... Ei) of the Objective Reality.

§ 7.      Actualization/Realization/Existence of the individual eventualities in the Objective Reality, including Its state or form as a whole, is in principle contingent, even though some of their consequences may be relatively stable and repeatable as has been mentioned in the § 6 above.   


Discussion and Remarks

            The suggested theory states/underlines the significance of laws of nature, as well as physical entities, and Contingency for the origin and development of the World.  According to this theory, real specific processes, objects, entities, substances, phenomena, knowledge, etc. can be defined, described, “constructed”,  actualized, realized  using  the above mentioned basic elementary quantities and their interactions. The quantities and interactions could be denoted as our “World Existence Dimensions”.

In other words: our World consists of components, such as:

-   Laws of Nature (which we are trying to reveal/discover/describe/use… ),

-   Physical Entities/Quantities (we can observe, measure, study, use, to work with them, to modify them, …),

-   Potential to exist,

-   Contingency,

-  Intellect (which enables to learn, get and to structure knowledge, experience and information, intentionally use also the Laws of Nature, and properties/features of the Physical Entities, and also to estimate consequences of contingency variants, ….), which are in mutual interaction/communication/motion/modification...


The suggested concept enables to describe (or to express or to „absorb“, etc.) all of the known quantities, characteristics, phenomena, elements, parts, processes, laws, behavior etc. of the Objective Reality on the basis of positivistic knowledge and experience, and verified theories, because many of the discussed categories and phenomena have been yet studied, known, and applied in human practice relatively thoroughly.


Moreover, the created concept enables also to structure systematically - on the “sub-microscopic, “„microscopic“ and/or „macroscopic“ level - all of the quantities, elements, parts, processes, ... Ei of the Objective Reality, including the interactions, relations, laws, among them, even though they have not been known completely, correctly, preciously, or at all so far. Thus, the concept can be helpful also in searching for such possibly existing but so far omitted and unknown features of the objective reality. 


It also describes the fact that the “individual cosmoses” are continually born and passed – in the frame of “our” current universe, e.g. at the genesis of a new human being, or a new knowledge, or of some artifact etc.            

The above mentioned principles sum up the accessible knowledge on the World and Its inherent laws and behavior, as well. They are in “natural” agreement with these laws and experience.  The submitted theory respects and absorbs basic cosmological findings, as well as the knowledge and experience gathered by special natural science, such as physics, logics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, etc. Moreover, it provides also a sufficient “intellectual space´” to incorporate all the “superstructure” sciences and branches such as technology and engineering, informatics, cybernetics, as well as psychology, sociology, aesthetics, pedagogy, history, art and cultural sciences,  theology, and others, into the homogeneous scientific environment.              

The introduced theory does not solve the problem why the World emerged and why it has got just such parameters and behavior as it has/owns/exhibits. It is focused on the two principal questions: how the World was originated and how It has been developing so far and – probably how It will develop in future.

These philosophical aspects may help us to improve and deepen our scientific knowledge, and also may enable solving some practical tasks - sociological, psychological, ecological, and others. 

Hopefully, the critical verification of the suggested theory by individual scientific and branch specialists, philosophers and others, will make it more precise, comprehensive and applicable in further scientific, technical, social etc. branches.  




I realize that it is terrible to imagine that we – humans - are (just) an entity, which is structured in space and time sophisticatedly and endowed with intellect and own conscious/soul, creativity, ideas, feelings, etc.,  and which is dependent on random interactions with other entities of the world.                                                                             Sorry.

Tomas Kala

Pardubice, October 10th 2014

[1] For example:  it is difficult to understand a nature and origin of a permanently “generating” of gravitation field of mass objects without losing their mass, or electromagnetic field “generating” of accelerated electrons without losing their mass, or Bondi & Spuring effects (described in: Bondi, H and Spuring, C.B. , Energy has mass, Phys.Bull., 38, pp 62-63, 1987.), and others.


[4] The expression ELN Ù (ESÚETÚEE ÚEDÚEIÙER) Ù EC Ú E1 Ú E2 Ú E3 Ú .. Ei-1Ú Ei+1Ú ..   Ei  is read as:   Ei  is derivable from ELN Ù (ESÚETÚEE ÚEDÚEIÙER) Ù EC Ú E1 Ú E2 Ú E3 Ú ..Ei-1Ú Ei+1Ú ... .