What the World is About, How to Experience and Cope with the World

01/09/2017 11:32

Do you think - time to time - about how to orient oneself and
live well in the World?

I have published my own experience and opinions
on the World and on the Life in a book "What the
World is About, How to Experience and Cope with
the World" (ISBN-13:
978-1522077640 and/or ISBN-10: 1522077642).

The book consists of chapters:   Who/What
Am I, Mental Life, Why The Positive Thinking Is So Important, What Is Our
Surrounding World, Our Role In The World, What Is My Position In The World, and
How To Cope With The World

It freely follows the essays published on this website.

The book has been written by heart and by eyes enchanted by the World, rather than using rational analysis and
critical evaluation of tremendous amount of knowledge, opinions, ideas, facts, theories,
formulated by scientists, philosophers, scholars, and others.  Nevertheless, many of them, which deeply
influenced my thinking, attitudes, opinions and my life, are included and respected
in the text of book.

The book should entertain readers and evoke their own
thinking about the same and related topics, rather than educate them.

.  I would be happy
if they resonate with inner thinking and views of the readers.

You can get the book on the website:




Tomas K.