Revision of the Unitary Theory of the World # 2

10/10/2014 11:41

While wording the original Unitary theory of the World there were revealed some inconsistencies in description of basic knowledge and definitions of fundamental categories, such as energy, fields, mass/matter, gravitation, electric, magnetic, electromagnetic phenomena and others[1].

In the “style” of the UTW, the status might be improved by reconsideration of the interrelation among the energy (EE), mass/matter (EM), and field (EF), respectively.

Namely, the interrelation should be expressed – respecting the basic positivistic knowledge and definitions of energy, mass/matter and field in physics - as follows:

ELNM Ù (ES Ú ET Ú EE Ú ED Ú EI Ù ER) Ù EP Ù EC Ú E1Ú E2 Ú E3 Ú..Ei-1 Ú Ei Ú Ei+1Ú ..├ EM

ELNF Ù (ES Ú ET Ú EE Ú ED Ú EI Ù ER) Ù EP Ù EC Ú E1Ú E2 Ú E3 Ú..Ei-1 Ú Ei Ú Ei+1Ú ..├ EF

(Note: the meaning of individual symbols E is given below.)

That means: mass/matter and fields could be understood as a forms of energy, which are specifically “structured”, widespread and/or “locked in space” under specific laws of nature ELNM or ELNF, respectively, and which are being in specific interactions with the other principal categories and individual/specific elements, parts, processes, etc. of the Objective Reality (although hitherto unknown in all details).

This could acquire/give specific features, like: inertia, gravitation, ability to change/modify fields, space-time structures and dimensions, particle structure, electric charges, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic properties and phenomena, attractive and repulsive forces, mechanical properties of matter, storing and conversions of energy, and phenomena which are intrinsic to all the physical, inorganic, organic, living, thinking etc. objects and/or phenomena in Nature and World.   

The postulated “locked-space” principle of mass particles existence might elucidate naturally the observed deformation of a space-time structure around mass objects and the phenomenon of gravitation, too. 

It all might help to reveal further consequences to better understanding of our World.

That is why I decided to leave out the matter (EM) from the principal categories of the Unitary Theory of the World and to revise the Theory

[1] For example:  it is difficult to understand a nature and origin of a permanently “generating” of gravitation field of mass objects without losing their mass, or electromagnetic field “generating” of accelerated electrons without losing their mass, or Bondi & Spuring effects (described in: Bondi, H and Spuring, C.B. , Energy has mass, Phys.Bull., 38, pp 62-63, 1987.), and others.

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