Remarks to Gravitation Theories

30/12/2019 10:39

An article titled "Remarks to Gravitation Theories" has been published in the Journal of Physical Science and Application 9 (2) (2019) 26-29,  doi: 10.17265/2159-5348/2019.02.004 . (See


Gravitation is one of the most significant phenomena which attract the attention of humankind for ages. There are two most influential theories of the Gravitation at the current time being (summer 2019), namely, the Isaac Newton’s Theory of Gravitation and Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which includes an explanation of the gravitation. However, both of them are incommensurate — so far — with plenty of quantum theories of the World. In this contribution, there is outlined a strategy for unifying the current approaches to the Gravitation. Namely, that the gravitation/gravity should be considered as a consequence of interaction — a “pinning effect” — of the Spacetime with the non-integral spin of the Fermions, to saturate/add/ the missing part of them. It might induce a deformation/curvature of the Spacetime and known effects on moving material objects, as well as electromagnetic radiation, including light, and other types of radiation, and properties/parameters of transformations of fields, described in the General Theory of Relativity and another. It is Gravitation which modifies/creates Spacetime curvature and its features and not vice versa.